A Computer Science Engineer can choose his/her career in a wide range of engineering areas including IT industries such as

a) Designing and building software;
b) Developing effective ways to solve computing problems, such as storing information in databases, posting data over networks or providing new approaches to security problems;
c) Devising new and better ways of using computers and addressing particular challenges in areas such as robotics, computer vision, or digital forensics and not only in IT Industries and also in core companies in  which they need IT Persons for their every aspect of keeping their electronic records.

Highly Responsible Role – If IT System fails the whole operations of the concern will be halted until the fails rectified.

IT industries jobs related to the degree includes

    • Database Administrator
    • Game Developer
    • Information Systems Manager
    • IT Consultant
    • Multimedia Programmer
    • Network Engineer
    • Systems Analyst
    • Systems Developer
    • APP Developer
    • Web Designer
    • Graphics Designer