The College timing is 9.20 A.M. to 4.10 P.M. The class work starts at 9.30 A.M. on every working day. Regular classes are up to 4.05 P.M. Students coming late for the classes will not be given attendance. Attendance is recorded for each period separately.


Inside the college campus every student of the College must wear the Identity Card with his / her Photo affixed and his / her signature attested by the Principal.

3. Dress Code

i) Boys

1. Formal Pants
2. Half Sleeve or Full Sleeve Shirts, inserted in Pants.
3. Covered Shoes with socks or covered sandals with back strap. Rubber Chapels are not permitted within the campus.

ii) Girls

1. Salwar and Kameez or full Sarees or Chuddithars with half or full Sleeves
2. Sandals with back strap or shoes and socks.
In the Laboratory classes, wearing shoes is compulsory. The final decision of HOD / Principal regarding the suitability of dress is final

iii) Workshop

Navy Blue Uniform Shirt, Overcoat and Pants for both boys and girls.



1. The students of the college are to conduct themselves on and off the college premises in such a way as to maintain reputation of the college as well as their own.

2. Students should not damage the electrical and sanitary fittings and Glass Door provided in various places in the college as well as laboratory equipment’s. For damages of these items, the students will be fined holding a collective responsibility.

3. Students should not leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher or until the teacher leave the room or asks the class to disperse.

4. Students should cultivate the habit of reading notices put up on various notice boards of the college. Ignorance of any instruction contained in the notice will not be accepted as an excuse for failing to comply with it.

5. Smoking in the premises of the College, spitting, pasting posters, scribbling on the tables & walls, throwing of waste paper and rubbish are strictly prohibited.

6. While moving from one class to another silence should be maintained, Loitering or collecting in groups and talking loudly in verandas, corridors, staircases and other passages or anywhere within the college campus are prohibited.

7. Any lost property found must be handed over to the Principal or General Manager or the Security Officer from whom the owner can claim it after establishing his/her ownership.

8. Students are forbidden to organize any meeting in the college or to collect money for any purpose without prior written permission from the Principal.

9. Under the Tamil Nadu Government Educational rules, the Principal is empowered to fine or withhold attendance certificate and suspend or expel any student if considered necessary to do so.

10. No student shall be a member of any political party or shall take part in active politics.

11. The students participating in inter-collegiate meets should keep up the dignity and decorum of the college.



Ragging in any form, in any place or time is cognizable offence the will attract server punishment including summary expulsion from the College / Institute / University.

Extract of Tamilnadu Govt. Gazette-Extraordinary Dt. 29.01.1997 (Bill No.8 of 1997 Tamilnadu Prohibition of Ragging Act).

In this act, unless the context otherwise requires “Ragging” means display of noisy, disorderly conduct, doing act which causes or likely to cause physical or psychological harm or raise apprehension or fear or shame or embarrassment to a student in any educational institution and includes:

1. Teasing, abusing or playing practical jokes on, or causing hurt to such student; or
2. Asking the student to any act or perform something which such student will not, or ordinary course willingly act or perform.
3. Ragging within or outside any educational institution if prohibited.
4. Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in abets or propagates “Ragging” within or outsides any educational institution shall be punished with imprisonment for a term of one year which may be extended and / or a fine of ten thousand rupees.
5. Any student convicted of an offence under section 4 shall also be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall note admitted in any other educational institution.
6. Without prejudice to the forgoing conditions, whenever any student complains of ragging to the head of an educational institution, or to any other person responsible for the management of the educational institution such Head of the educational institution shall enquire into the same immediately and if it is found true he shall suspend the student, who has committed the offence from the educational institution.



The Central library has an extensive collection of books and is augmented on a continuous basis. The library subscribes to popular periodicals, national and international journals including IEEE Transactions. The library is also having Educational Audio, CD ROMs, Back Volumes, Project Reports, Thesis reports etc. Central Library is an institutional member of the Anna University Library and British Council Libraries. The library and reading room shall be open from 8.00 AM to 6 PM on all working days. The library has 22,000 volumes of books in 5500 titles on different disciplines covering all major fields of Engineering, Science and Humanities. A number of text guides are available in reference section (to equip oneself) for competitive exams like GATE, Civil Service Exam. It is fully computerized and online public access catalogue searching facility is available in whole campus for students and staff.

i) Number of Library Cards:
Students : 3
Staff : 6

ii) Lending Period
Students : 14 days
Staff : 1 Month

iii) Overdue Charges : Rs. 1.00 per day

iv) Loss of Library Ticket : Rs. 25/- per ticket

v) Photo copying charges is Rs. 1.00 per page.

vi) Loss of Books

1. Loss of any book borrowed must be reported immediately to the
Central Library.

2. All Members must replace the book if it is lost with the latest edition
along with overdue charges if any.

3. However in the case of members, if they are not able to replace the
Book, they are required to pay three times the latest price of the
Book plus overdue charges if any