Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is a new branch of study that deals with scientific methodologies, processes, and techniques drawn from different domains like statistics, cognitive science, and computing and information science to extract knowledge from structured data and unstructured data. This knowledge is applied in making various intelligent decisions in business applications. Artificial Intelligence and data science engineering colleges focus on collecting, categorizing, strategizing, analyzing and interpreting data. It is a specialised branch that deals with the development of data-driven solutions, data visualization tools and techniques to analyse big data. It also incorporates the concepts of machine learning and deep learning model building for solving various computational and real-world problems.

Objectives of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Utilize their proficiencies in the fundamental knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics, Artificial Intelligence, data science and statistics to build systems that require management
    and analysis of large volumes of data
  • Advance their technical skills to pursue pioneering research in the field of AI and Data Science and create disruptive and sustainable solutions for the welfare of ecosystems.
  • Think logically, pursue lifelong learning and collaborate with an ethical attitude in a multidisciplinary team.
  • Design and model AI based solutions to critical problem domains in the real world.
  • Exhibit innovative thoughts and creative ideas for effective contribution towards economy building.

Mission of the Department

  • To produce globally competent professionals, motivated to learn the emerging technologies and to be innovative in solving real world problems.
  • To promote research activities amongst the students and the members of faculty that could benefit the society.

Vision of the Department

To promote highly Ethical and Innovative Computer Professionals through excellence in teaching, training and research