Separate hostels have been provided for the boys and girls within campus. The Design of hostel rooms and facilities incorporates latest ideas and tested concepts with provisions for natural lighting, wide corridors and open areas ensuring good ventilation for healthy living.

All the rooms are spacious with three seated accommodation, having almost independent and exclusive living and study areas for each inmate. A separate dining hall including a centralized kitchen with an area of over 7500 sq.ft., has been provided for the boys hostel. A separate space is allotted for recreation purposes where in indoor games, T.V and reading room facilities are provided. The Dining and recreational area has seating capacity for 250 students. The girl’s hostel has also been provided with spacious 2 seated accommodation, dining and recreation halls besides a pantry area and exclusive space for indoor and outdoor games.

Boys Hostel

Floor Students
Ground Floor (Can be Accommodated) 72 students
I Floor (Can be Accommodated) 79 students
II Floor (Can be Accommodated) 72 students
III Floor (Can be Accommodated) 43 students
TOTAL 266 students can be Accommodated
  • One recreation Hall available.
  • Indoor games ( Chess, Carrom, Table, Tennis).
  • One Shuttle Badminton Court
  • One Open Gym.
  • Dinning Hall.

Girls Hostel

Floor Room
Ground Floor (Can be Accommodated) 21 Rooms
I Floor (Can be Accommodated) 21 Rooms
II Floor (Can be Accommodated) 21 Rooms
TOTAL beds 189 Rooms
    • Rec room with TV
    • Canteen inside the hostel
    • Indoor and outdoor games facilities available
    • Dining hall